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       In Summary

I hope the preceding pages have been helpful to you. The answers to the most often asked questions I receive have been addressed there. However, there are often other questions couples have, so don't hesitate to call me with any question you may have.


 Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days in your life. To put it in perspective, there are Only three days in a person's life that are considered to be so important, that a public record must be made of it. Your Birth, Your Death, and Your Marriage.
The First and Last of the three are ones you will never have any memory of. I hope that puts the importance of your Wedding Day, in the proper perspective. I fully realize the importance of your wedding day, and my promise to you is that it will be treated with all the dignity and respect it deserves. A memory to last a lifetime.

If I do have the honor to be a part of your wedding day, my commitment to you is that working together with you, you Will have a "Perfect Wedding Day". Your happiness and permanent memory of this Very Special Day is what my role is as your Justice of the Peace. "May All Your Days Together Be Happy Ones" for a long and healthy life together.


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